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The Ten Best Maintenance Shops for Owner Operators


The Ten Best Maintenance Shops for Owner Operators


Maintenance is the lifeblood of your business, each expenditure cutting into your profits and each new face you meet on the road another person you have to trust. Based off number of locations, years of customer service experience and convenience, we compiled a list of the 10 best truck maintenance chains for Owner Operators. Almost all of these shops are open 24/7, and offer a consistent repertoire due to their collective business plan.

Pilot-Flying J
Once two large trucker stops, Pilot and Flying J joined forces to become a mega-sized network for truckers and travelers alike, and has since become one of the largest privately held companies in America. With over 750 locations across 44 states, and parts of Canada, Pilot-Flying J has also become the largest trucker stop chain with service bays, constantly refining its interiors through unique add-ons like celebrity-chef menus and high-speed WiFi. In terms of assistance, every stop includes a Truck Care service team, 24-hour roadside assistance and reliable warranties. Their app also lets you book service requests before arrival.

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance: 1-888-997-1034

Petro-TravelCenters of America
With a little over 300 locations across America, the Petro-TA network offers a relaxed down-home feel at almost every location; not too big, not too small. They are located in every state except Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, residents in Ohio and Texas finding especially high convenience. Almost every location includes multiple service bays, as well as fun extras like fitness rooms, chapels, walking trails and private showers. Their service bays include certified truck and trailer inspections, tire changes, and preventative maintenance, while a 24-hour RoadSquad is there for you in case of breakdowns.

  • 24-Hour RoadSquad: 1-800-824-SHOP

Ryder Maintenance Shops
A massive network that sprawls across 800+ truck repair shops internationally, Ryder Maintenance is one of few truck service chains that mainly specialize in truck repair, as opposed to snacks and amenities. Technically the largest chain of truck repairs, Ryder offers the most experienced mechanics who work day in, day out on every brand. As friendly toward major fleet operators as owner operators, many Ryder stops perform 24 hours a day to keep the wheels greased. Ryder SelectCare also offers special on-demand maintenance at 500+ locations, including guaranteed pre-negotiated rates, warranties and 24-hour roadside assistance.

  • Ryder Roadside Response: 1-888-715-7272

Love’s Travel Stops
Love’s Travel Stops are a classic American staple located in almost every state, except Alaska, Hawaii and some northeastern states. 380+ of their 500+ locations include truck maintenance shops, making it a gamble depending on where you are, but if lucky enough to find one with a service bay, you won’t be disappointed. Focused more on light maintenance, their service bays include TirePass Lanes designed to quickly check tire pressure & tread to lower driver’s price per mile, as well as oil & tire replacement offered with a warranty. A 24-hour road service program also helps those with breakdowns, while great on-site amenities include small hotel rooms, private showers and on-site laundry. Those in need of heavy duty repairs may want to head somewhere else.

  • Love’s Emergency Roadside Service: 1-800-OKLOVES

Freightliner ServicePoint
Especially popular for those who drive Freightliners, the company’s ServicePoint network runs for 24-hours and handles both light and heavy-duty repairs, including problems with alternator, trailer maintenance, electrical & heating, brakes and engine cooling. Although there aren’t many official locations, if you can find one, keep it in your noggin - they are located at every main Freightliner Truck dealership, and in partnership with many TravelCenters of America, though the Petro-TA network does not offer the same warranty you’d get at an official dealership. In addition to helping out in-shop, they also offer a 24-hour roadside assistance program.

  • Freightliner Roadside Assistance: 1-800-367-6372

Roady’s is home to over 300 locations across North America, all of its maintenance shops owned by individuals as opposed to being under a chain control. Over 30 of its locations include light repair, and over 20 locations include heavy maintenance, making it one of America’s smaller service chains. Where it lacks in locational convenience, it more than makes up for in speed that will get you on the road quicker. Owner operators in Alabama, Texas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington will find better luck finding this shop than other states. In addition to quiet service bays, this chain also offers a gas rewards program, a partnership with, as well as private showers & full-service restaurants.

  • Roady’s: 1-888-540-2909
  • 310-412-6608

Sapp Bros Travel Centers
A travel center chain mostly located in the Midwest, Sapp Bros Travel Centers offers locations from Utah to Pennsylvania. Only home to 17 locations, with expectations to grow, every location offers a full-service and tire center, as well a 24-hour roadside assistance. Their service centers offer light and heavy-duty work that includes alignments, oil changes, suspension work and DOT inspections, as well as intensive engine repair. Known for its odd-ball marketing and unique deals that include free meals with every oil change, truckers love the light-hearted feel and family-like atmosphere of each travel stop. A rewards program also offers gas discounts and free showers.

  • Sapp Bros 24-hour Roadside Service: 1-800-233-4059

Speedco Truck Lube and Tires
Technically owned by Love’s, Speedco still operates under the same name, and offers a lot of locations where Love’s is not. Specifically a repair shop, and not a travel center, special locations are usually open until 11 PM on weekdays, and 8PM on weekends. They are mainly located throughout the southeast, as well as Indiana and Illinois, though they are expected to transition into Love’s and/or shut down completely in the next few years. Each location also offers light mechanical repair and preventative measures, as well as select access to 24-hour roadside assistance through their parent company.

  • Love’s Emergency Roadside Service: 1-800-OKLOVES

Boss Truck Shops
Located across 22 states, and home to 50+ shops, Boss Truck Shops is a medium-sized chain that’s been focused on servicing the trucker community since 1948, their services including extensive preventative measures such as truck and trailer inspections, tire replacement, and both light and heavy-duty engine repairs. Owner operators passing through Nebraska, Kentucky and Indiana will especially find luck coming across one of these. In addition to in-shop maintenance, Boss Truck Shops also offers 24-hour roadside service at each of their stops, alongside a rewards points partnership with Pilot-Flying J.

  • 24-Hour Boss Truck Roadside: 1-888-595-BOSS

Rush Truck Centers
There are over 120 Rush Truck Centers in the U.S. located coast to coast, the chain partnering with Peterbilt, International, Ford, Heino, Isuzu and Mitsubishi Fuso to not only offer specialized maintenance but sell as a dealership. Every truck center is home to a service team, their state-of-the-art bays offering RushCare Xpress PM, a preventative maintenance program that does an 86-point inspection in your truck’s most critical components, while the RushCare Mobile Service Truck offers 24-hour roadside assistance. Though only located in 22 states, Rush Truck Centers are especially popular with owner operators passing through Texas, Florida, Georgia, Southern California and Midwest states Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

  • RushCare Customer Support: 1-855-787-4223

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